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In a climate of fear. "Political Process" and Parliamentary Elections in Chechnya

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ISBN 5-7870-0092-7
Издательство Звенья
Год 2006
Переплет 60х90 1/16
Формат обл.
Стр. 104
ID МК1010
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Издатель: Звенья
ISBN: 5-7870-0092-7
The present report has been co-authored by five Russian and international human rights organizations - the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHF), Norwegian Helsinki Committee, International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), Center "Demos" and Human Rights Center "Memorial" - which permanently follow the situation in and around the Chechen Republic. The evidence included in this report has been collected through monitoring and field research in Chechnya. This report reflects and illustrates the common position of all the organizations, which they have developed on the basis of long-term involvement or presence in the region: that the claims of the Russian government that in the last several years the situation in the Chechen Republic has stabilized and Chechnya has returned to peaceful life do not reflect the reality. There is no authentic conflict resolution. Moreover, the policy of the federal center of the Russian Federation only intensifies the "Chechen deadlock ". An important aspect of this policy is the imitation of a political process. The process leading up to and including the parliamentary elections, which will take place in Chechnya on November 27, 2005, represents a cynical and dangerous game, which has contributed to the establishment of a climate of fear. The report's preliminary version was published on November 23 2005, several days before the parliamentary elections in Chechnya. In January 2006, the report was updated and expanded, with the monitoring findings of the voting day and some of the follow up events also taken into account.
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