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Сборник упражнений и проверочных работ по математике. 1-3 кл.

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8,20руб.(82 000руб.)Цена
ISBN 0065-521
Автор Уткина Н. Пышкало А.
Издательство Просвещение
Год 1973
Переплет пер
Стр. 207
ID Вол2507
Сроки выполнения
Автор: Fay Weldon
ISBN: 0065-521
A delicious treat of wisdom for better self-awareness and satisfaction. Tackle anxiety, envy, guilt, while giving in to sex, food, friends, family, shopping -- and chocolate. What makes women happy? Nothing, for more than ten minutes at a time, so stop worrying. In this new book, Fay Weldon offers wisdom gleaned from a remarkable life, a brilliantly successful career and a fair share of trouble. She explores what makes women happy, and what we can do to lead more rounded and desirable lives. Chapters contain sassy morals, illustrative and sympathetic stories, and a lot of frank advice to show women how to stop obssessing and feeling bad about themselves. Later chapters confront the four horses of a woman's apocalypse: despair, depression, isolation, and self-doubt. A blend of philosophy, storytelling and self-help, this inspirational work shows Weldon at the peak of her creative powers, as brisk, stylish and entertaining as ever.
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