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41 Stories by O.Henry

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ISBN 9780451530530
Автор O Henry
Издательство Penguin
Год 2007
Переплет обл
Стр. 430
ID Л0112
ID2 309874
Сроки выполнения
Автор: О. Генри
Издатель: Signet Classics
ISBN: 9780451530530
Readers the world over recognize O. Henry as the best short story writer of the early twentieth century. Even today a masterful surprise at the end of a story is described as "an O. Henry twist," and a prominent short fiction award bears his name. Widely known as a master of irony, O. Henry also displayed in his stories dazzling wordplay and a wry combination of pathos and humor. Including his most famous works, such as "The Gift of the Magi" and "The Furnished Room," this collection of forty-one stories demonstrates his extraordinary technical genius. Cunningly arranged according to geographic location, these tales display the wide range of O. Henry's world, from the streets of his beloved -New York City to exotic locales south of the border. With his wonderful plot turns, unexpected climaxes, and deep insights into human nature, O. Henry's works will live on as prime examples of well-told tales.
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