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Moll Flanders

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ISBN 978-1-85326-073-5
Автор Defoe Daniel
Издательство Wordsworth
Год 2001
Переплет обл
Стр. 276
Серия Classics
ID Л0503
ID2 310552
Сроки выполнения Заказы, оформленные до среды, на складе в пятницу
Автор: Даниель Дефо
Издатель: Wordsworth Classics
ISBN: 978-1-85326-073-5
The novel follows the life of its eponymous heroine, "Moll Flanders", through its many vicissitudes which include her early seduction, careers in crime and prostitution, conviction for theft and transportation to the plantations of Virginia, and her ultimate redemption and prosperity in the New World. "Moll Flanders" was one of the first social novels to be published in English and draws heavily on Defoe's experience of the topography and social conditions prevailing in the London of the late I 7th century.
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