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Отели Германии

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Автор Mercurio G.
Издательство Арт-Родник
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Автор: Magnus Trauenstein
Издатель: Page One
ISBN: 981-245-213-3
"Hotels in Germany" devotes upwards of 330 pages to describing over 50 top-class hotels, stretching from Helgoland off the northern coast to Munich in the south. In this unique volume modern architecture meets classical design, city and countryside square up to each other and design hotels vie with traditional establishments. Over 400 large photographs provide the reader with vivid illustrations of the interiors and a palpable sense of each hotel's atmosphere. Short texts outline the architecture and character unique to each establishment, completing this journey through Germany's hotel landscape. Hotels: a fascinating experience where to see is to dream, and to go is to come back.
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Импортер ЧТУП "Книгоградъ" г.Минск, ул. Мирошниченко, 11-236
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