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Архитектурная студия :Яков и Маркфарлине +с/о

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Издатель: Images Publishing Group
ISBN: 1-92074-483-5
The work of Paris-based architects "Jakob + McFarlane" can best be described as the capture and articulation of movement, both etheral and real. The firm's focus on movement seeks to mobilise vectors of force to infuse a dynamic sensibility in its work, evident in well-known projects such as Restaurant Georges at the Pompidou Centre and the Florence Loewy Bookshop, both in Paris. The firm's sophisticated design schemes are the result of high-end digital compuer technology used in its design process. "Jakob + MacFarlane"'s work has been published and exhibtied widely and it has been proclaimed as a highly promising collaborative, representing the best in French architecture and architectural sensibility of the twenty-first century. This book explores a variety of "Jakob + MacFarlane"'s projects to date, both built and unbuilt, allowing the reader an insight into the workings of a burgeoning practice.
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