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DVD Ведическая астрология

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10,40руб.(104 000руб.)Цена
ISBN 452-85-43
Автор Матушевский Максим
Издательство Видеогурман
Год 2004
Переплет Amarey box
Стр. 0
ID Л2410
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ISBN: 452-85-43
Building the Union Pacific was a time for egos and opportunists, but their monumental effort helped span the continent. Railroad 1869: Along the Historic Union Pacific is an insightful account of the railroad's construction years - years when they pushed westward from Omaha, racing to meet the Central Pacific Railroad at Promontory Summit, Utah in 1869. There are first hand descriptions of terrifying Indian encounters from the diary of Arthur Ferguson, a young surveyor working for the railroad, and tales of the tumultuous life of the Frontier Index, the ''newspaper-on-wheels'' that followed the construction crews as they moved westward. Photographs by Arundel C. Hull, William H. Jackson and others vividly portray the desolate plains and rugged Utah canyons, the colorful construction camps and short-lived towns along the way. Readers can envision the relive the challenges and adventures facing the builders, the work trains, board front dance halls, whiskey palaces, and the lawlessness that was endemic. Along with the action came elation as the Golden Spike was driven linking the east and west, the builder's 1094-mile epoch achievement.
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