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Ter-Minasova S. Language, linguistics and life. (A view from Russia)

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12,80руб.(128 000руб.)Цена
ISBN 5-7218-0076-3
Автор Ter-Minasova S.
Издательство <>
Год 1996
Переплет 60х90/16
Формат м
Стр. 156
ID гн1010
Сроки выполнения
Автор: Светлана Тер-Минасова
Издатель: Humanitarian Knowledge
ISBN: 5-7218-0076-3
The book presents the results of the research in the field of speech formation in relation to the practice of FLT (Foreign Language Teaching) in Russia. Special attention has been paid to the new problems in linguistics and teaching methods which have arisen in a changing Russia when modern European languages that died in isolation from the worlds where they were naturaly used are very quickly and, consequently, the sociocultural basis and function of language as a means of international and intercultural communication is at the focus of scholarly and public attention.
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