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The Churches Dedicated to St. Clement in Medieval England

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ISBN 978-5-90141-06-7
Автор Crawford B.
Издательство Axioma
Год 2008
Переплет 70*100/16
Формат пер.
ID МК1010
Сроки выполнения
Автор: Barbara E. Crawford
Издатель: Axioma
ISBN: 978-5-90141-06-7
A "hagio-geography" of the cult of martyr-pope Clement examining the founding and distribution of churches dedicated to him in England and Scotland in the late Anglo-Saxon and Viking era, and their often-assumed link with the Danish settlement. Involves a close study of the topography of early towns in England, and Norway and Denmark, in estimating the date of foundation of churches dedicated to St Clement.
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Импортер ЧТУП "Книгоградъ" г.Минск, ул. Мирошниченко, 11-236
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