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The Great Race

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15,50руб.(155 000руб.)Цена
ISBN 978-1-84422-678-8
Издательство Ladybird
Год 2015
Переплет 7Бц
Формат 180х120
Стр. 28
Серия Favourite Tales
Сроки выполнения
Автор: Marilyn George-O'Brien
Издатель: Ladybird Books Ltd
ISBN: 978-1-84422-678-8
This book is one of six Ladybird re-tellings of Favourite Tales from South East Asia. This story comes from Malaysia and has been adapted to become part of Ladybird's well-loved Favourite Tales series. This title was specifically produced with the Export market in mind although all children will find enjoyment in this old legend.
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