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Welcome 3. Pupils Book. Учебник

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40,40руб.(404 000руб.)Цена
ISBN 978-1-84862-157-2
Автор Gray Elizabeth
Издательство Express Publishing
Год 2008
Переплет обл
Стр. 148
Серия Welcome 3
ID Ла2507
ID2 540724
Сроки выполнения Заказы, оформленные до среды, на складе в пятницу
Издатель: Express Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-84862-157-2
WELCOME is a three-level beginner's course for children learning English. WELCOME 3 finds Oscar in Edinburgh where he has moved with his family. There, he meets a new group of friends and becomes a reporter for the school magazine, "The Welcome Weekly". Oscar and his new friends invite pupils to join in the fun and explore the English language through lively dialogues and exciting situations.
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