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Автор: Лоренс Бонет
Издатель: Page One
ISBN: 981-245-394-6
Creating an exhibition design poses a unique set of challenges: the structure must be quick to build, portable, and often re-usable. What's more, many exhibitions are built to fit inside an existing building or structure, and they're typically operating with small budgets. Yet, despite these constraints, vanguard and innovative exhibition designs abound, and Exhibition Design showcases the best examples from all over the world. The architecture developed for trade fairs, exhibitions, and conventions, although given little recognition, is some of the most complicated work undertaken by architects. The pavilions, stands, and office spaces which comprise an exhibit need to showcase a company's product in a small space, extend its brand, and cater to multiple types of customers, among other things. The designs shown in this book meet those criteria, and also illustrate the use of innovative materials, unique construction methods, and inspiring solutions to puzzling architectural problems. Whether you're an architect, an exhibit designer, or a student of industrial design, this book will challenge your senses and inspire your own creative problem-solving skills. Формат: 24,5 см х 24,5 см.
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