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From Chernobyl to Fukushima

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ISBN: 966-7853-00-4
Издатель: С. Подгорнов
Автор: Николай Карпан
In his new book - From Chernobyl to Fukushima - physicist and engineer Nikolay Karpan provides manyearlier unknown facts on two major large-scale NPP accidents. With his long-term practical experience of work at many different NPPs, including ten years of work at the Chernobyl NPP (1979-1989), Nikolay Karpan fully experienced all aspects of life of "liquidators of nuclear accidents". The author provides an impressive account of initial hours of these disasters and gives interesting analysis of these historical events. The description of contemporary state of international Chernobyl projects and his account how the Chernobyl tragedy was transformed into a farce will leave nobody indifferent. The events at Japanese Fukushima NPP are assessed from a professional point of view. For the first time the reader will see logical patterns in explosions of the Japanese reactors, associated with inadequate understanding of relations between the Man and the Nature with its mighty forces releasing in natural disasters. Safe nuclear reactors do not exist and they cannot exist, as in addition to high operational temperature and pressure they contain deadly radioactive loads that release to the environment far too often - every 15 years (four off-design accidents in 57 years of the global nuclear power industry's history). The book is a major event as it is written by a professional physicist about extreme developments he experienced himself, the book written honestly, stingingly and without pathos.
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