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Motov D.L. Fluoric, Sulfatic and Fluorosulfatic Compounds of Group IV Elements: Forming & Properties

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ISBN 978-5-02-025349-0
Автор Motov D.L., Godneva M.M.
Издательство "Наука" СПИФ
Год 2009
Переплет тв
Формат 60х90/16
Стр. 308
Сроки выполнения
978-5-02-025349-0 The monograph deals with phase formation in sulfate-fluoride aqueous systems of group IV element compounds, including demarcation of the areas of their existence and establishing their chemical composition and refractometric, roentgenometric, thermal, and IR-spectroscopic characteristics. For a number of compounds their structure with elementary cell parameters as well as types of chemical bonds have been determined.All the currently known compounds (approximately 400 compounds belonging to 9 groups with 37 series) are compared with one another, which allowed to systematize and predict new compounds (about 30) corresponding to fluoro-, sulfate-, and fluorosulfate metallates of group IV elements with dissimilar outer-sphere cations. Some of these compounds are unique and may find wide application.The monograph consists of 8 chapters in which 21 physiko-chemical systems and 8 sections are examined explaining formation of compounds, including their comparative characteristics.The b
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