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Finders Keepers (A)

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ISBN 978-1-4736-9894-9
Автор King Stephen
Издательство Hodder
Год 2016
Переплет обл
Стр. 385
ID Л0503
ID2 572760
Сроки выполнения Заказы, оформленные до среды, на складе в пятницу
Автор: Стивен Кинг
Издатель: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd.
ISBN: 978-1-4736-9894-9
1978: Morris Bellamy is a reader so obsessed by Americas iconic author John Rothstein that he is prepared to kill for a trove of notebooks containing at least one more unpublished novel. 2009: Pete Saubers, a boy whose father was brutally injured by a stolen Mercedes, discovers a buried trunk containing cash and Rothsteins notebooks. 2014: After thirty-five years in prison, Morris is up for parole. And he's hell bent on recovering his treasure. Now it's up to retired detective Bill Hodges - running an investigative company called binders Keepers - to rescue Pete from an ever-more deranged and vengeful Morris... Finders Keepers is spectacular suspense, and it is King writing about how literature shapes a life - for good, for bad, for ever.
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